The Dinner by Herman Koch


The Dinner, by Dutch author Herman Koch, begins as Paul Lohman and his wife, Claire, get ready to meet his brother, Serge, and his wife Babette for dinner at an upscale restaurant in Amsterdam. Paul is not looking forward to the fancy dinner or seeing his brother, but he dotes on his wife and teenage son, Michel, and is concerned about his son.

The foursome has convened for this dinner to talk about their fifteen year old sons, who have committed a horrible act of violence, for which they have yet to be identified. But, there are videos circulating on television and YouTube, so it's likely they won't remain anonymous. As conversation turns from small talk to how they might be able to keep the scandal under wraps, the reader starts to suspect that Paul may not be the most reliable of narrators.

What lengths will they go to in order to maintain their comfortable way of life and their sons' innocence?

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