The Ninth Step by Grant Jerkins

ninthstep.jpgEdgar Woolrich is a ninth-grade geometry teacher, obsessed with Japanese puzzle boxes. When he wishes to bid online for a particular box, rare and very special, he plans the timing of his bid as if he were "plotting irrational numbers on an infinite grid." He sees endless variables and lines of intersection. Helen Patrice is a veterinarian, "very much aware that she was what was commonly referred to as a functional alcoholic." For her, the critical distinction of that term is that she is functional, although lately she has been finding that her hangovers border on a sort of mental illness that is like simultaneously having schizophrenia and mononucleosis, or as she puts it, schizonucleosis. Edgar and Helen's paths are about to cross in a most unexpected way, and once they do, the twists and turns are fast, furious and unnerving. This novel of suspense is a true page-turner. Check the catalog for availability.

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