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Celebrate National Poetry Month

While year-round, life-long reading of poetry is encouraged, National Poetry Month is a great way to celebrate the reading, the sharing, and the writing of poetry. You can even subscribe to receive daily poems by email for free, all year long.

Red Doc> by Anne Carson

Continuing the adventures of Geryon in Autobiography of Red, who is called only "G" in this volume, the modern world is observed through prose poems, marrying myth with contemporary culture. G is stunned and appalled by humanity, travelling with a lover named Sad and an artist named Ida, he faces death and love with maturity.


Taps on the Walls: Poems from the Hanoi Hilton by John Borling

The pen is indeed mightier than the sword--or, in this case, the mind and scarred knuckles. This collection was composed while the author was held in military prison by the Viet Cong for eight years. By rapping on the cell walls with his knuckles, Borling communicated pain and despair as well as humor and hope to his fellow prisoners.


The Oldest Word for Dawn: New and Selected Poems by Brad Leithauser

This collection explores the varied subjects of prehistory, travel and love through quirky patterns and inventive designs taken from traditional forms. Readers come upon a sonnet in one-syllable lines, a clanging rhyme-mad tribute to the music of Tin Pan Alley, and autobiography through parodies of Frost and Keats and Omar Khayyám.

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