It's Money Smart Week!

It's Money Smart Week at the Milwaukee Public Library and libraries across the country! Financial literacy is more important than ever in this challenging economy. Getting a grip on your financial situation, paying down debt and saving for retirement are essential, of course. If you have a family, though, modeling good financial habits for your children is crucial. Did you know that only 32% of American parents talk to their children regularly about personal finance? If it's a challenge for you to talk to your kids about this stuff, here are some books available at MPL that can help you!


In All The Money In The World, Laura Vanderkam explores the relationship between money and happiness. How much will ever be enough? Vanderkam shows how questioning our assumptions about money and some creative thinking can transform our lives, and those of our families, at any income level.


There are going to be times where we all have to have straightforward talks with our families about money matters. Lori R. Sackler's The M Word: The Money Talk Every Family Needs to Have about Wealth and their Financial Future offers practical advice for those times, offering clear advice for handling those conversations and the questions that arise from them. It will help reduce anxiety and maintain proper perspective when delivering both good and bad news.


Do I Look Like an ATM? by Sabrina Lamb offers practical suggestions to African-American families for raising children with solid financial principles. It includes exercises and conversational methods to use when discussing these matters with your kids and ideas for improving the fiscal future for generations to come.

Be sure to stop by any MPL library to pick up your FREE Money Smart Week Resource Guide!

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