The Five Fists of Science by Matt Fraction and Steven Sanders

fivefists.jpegThe Five Fists of Science is historical science fiction at its most pulpy. Nikola Tesla, fighting crime vigilante-style with electricity guns of his own making, falls into a partnership with Mark Twain and Bertha Von Suttner to bring about world peace through an elaborate scheme. Through Twain's showmanship and theatrical flair, Tesla's engineering genius, and Suttner's conviction and funding, they make a valiant effort to trick the world into lasting peace through mutually assured destruction. Little do they know that their efforts attract the attention of JP Morgan and his compatriots Marconi, Edison, and Carnegie. Morgan and his cronies are dabbling in dark magic, and soon the two groups clash in a battle of science against the supernatural, with the fate of America in the balance!

Matt Fraction's tale is as fun as it is ridiculous, while also being about as historically accurate as Shakespeare in Love. The fun, however, is in the fiction and the adventure. Twain is brilliant and witty, Tesla an eccentric beyond compare, and Suttner is a force of nature. It takes a good hand to take these famous figures and create an exciting fictionalized version, and Fraction does so amiably. For fans of any of the people in the story, I definitely recommend giving this one volume story a try.

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