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In Real Wifeys Hustle Hard Sophie "Suga" Alvarez (childhood friend of Luscious from Real Wifeys Get Money and with a surprising connection to Goldie from Real Wifeys On the Grind) is a fierce female committed to her loved ones and making as much cash as possible. Suga and her fiance Dane live life via a delicate balance of legit and illegal operations in Newark, New Jersey. Dane is one of the best loan sharks in the area and pulls in a lot of paper, which Suga enjoys, but she won't marry him until he shows her that he's serious about leaving the hustle behind.

Amid uninhibited sex, graphic violence and a lot of profanity, readers will cheer for Suga to rise above the fray as she encounters slippery associates and co-workers, barely escapes the law and realizes how much betrayal her life depends on.

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