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I know Walter Mosley for his Easy Rawlins mysteries, but the Crosstown to Oblivion series has also piqued my interest. Mr. Mosley describes the series, saying, "a black man destroys the world." Stepping Stones; The Love Machine is the third and final pair of short novels, following Merge; Desciple and Gift of Fire; On the Head of a Pin.

Why two novels in one volume? Well, you can choose either story to start with, and once you've finished, flip the book over and start again. Love Machine follows Lois Kim and Dr. Marchant Lewis. Dr. Lewis has developed a way to share consciousness with other living beings, animal and human. Stepping Stone introduces us to mailroom manager Truman Pope, who is essentially a loser, but also crucial to humanity's future.

While Stepping Stone was my favorite of the two, they are both shrewd stories that bring the characters to life and reveal the hidden desires and fears of what it means to be human.

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