Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss


As the summer settles in, no cookout or picnic is complete without snacks! But have you ever wondered why those potato chips, cookies, or soda taste so addictive? Michael Moss's recent book, Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us is an exploration of the places where biology, corporate profit, convenience, and food science overlap. Moss explores how the food industry has manipulated desirable ingredients (salt, sugar, fat) to enhance their food, creating a "bliss point" that our taste buds simply cannot resist. The book weaves together the rise of convenience food with information on our biological predispositions, nutritional needs, and susceptibility to food-related illness. The reader is introduced to the chemists that produce these convenience foods as well as the stealthy marketing devices corporations use to sell the products. This investigative work gives the modern reader a historical perspective on our current grocery store shelves. Journalistic in tone, this is a logical next read for anyone who has enjoyed books by authors like Michael Pollan or has an interest in the food industry.

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