Seven Soldiers of Victory by Grant Morrison

sevensoldiers.jpegGrant Morrison's Seven Soldiers of Victory plays out a lot like a time-travelling , magic-drenched, comic book version of a Guy Ritchie film. Seven different stories about seven different heroes unfold in their own unique ways, yet they all end up tied together to stop the destruction of Earth by a terrible elf-like race from the future called the Sheeda. These seven heroes are an eclectic lot, with equally eclectic tales: The Shining Knight (a teenage girl disguised as a man from an ancient Celtic King Arthur's Court who ends up in modern times), The Manhattan Guardian (a former police officer hired to be a shield-wielding masked hero in the name of a tabloid newspaper), Zatanna the Magician (former member of the Justice League who happens to be stripped of her magical powers for this story), Klarion the Witch Boy (a blue-skinned young boy in a puritanical underground civilization), Mister Miracle (master escape artist), Bulleteer (a woman with indestructible metal skin thanks to her husband's experimentation), and even Frankenstein's Monster himself (who just happens to be an agent of a supernatural fighting government organization called S.H.A.D.E.).

Elements from each of these stories interweave in fun and intriguing ways; you'll find yourself flipping back and forth in the pages to make sure you don't miss any of the little details. Also, like most of Grant Morrison's work this 'maxi-series' is a bit of a doozy, filled with magic, mayhem, secret societies, underground cities, ancient prophecy and more. For people who love the oeuvres Neil Gaiman, Quentin Tarantino, and the aforementioned Guy Ritchie, this is absolutely a fun set of strange stories to check out today from your local neighborhood library branch.

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