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In Ghost Spin by Chris Moriarty, The Age of Man is ending. A stand alone, but set in the same interstellar empire as her previous two books, Spin Control and Spin State, this is a captivating story of artificial intelligence. Humanity's only hope for survival is to find the Drift, a mysterious region of space that may enable survival, but mankind will have to fight the clone-dominated Syndicates for control of it.

Cohen, a 400-year-old AI kills himself and scatters copies, or ghosts of himself into the void of space and time. Some of his ghosts are still self-aware. Some are insane. And one of them hides a secret worth killing for. Now Catherine Li, his human wife, must do the same. Her copies wake up all over, each hoping to reunite with the consciousness that consumed her life until his death.

Character driven with plot twists galore, this drama inspects mankind's potential through an investigation of our society's ethics.

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