If You Were Here by Alafair Burke


When her friend, Susan Hauptman, disappeared ten years earlier, McKenna Jordan was devastated and adamant that Susan would not have abandoned her friends without a word. That same year, McKenna's life seemed to spiral out of control when her job as an Assistant District Attorney in New York went up in flames after falsely accusing a cop of planting a gun in a high profile shooting case that split the city along racial lines.

Now McKenna Wright, married to Patrick Wright whom she met through Susan, works as a writer for NYC Magazine. When sent to cover a story about a heroic subway rescue, the face of her friend, Susan, suddenly appears in images from the rescue. McKenna is pulled into a dangerous pursuit to discover the truth about her friend's disappearance. As too many strange coincidences pile up and too many untruths resurface, McKenna begins to understand that there is more to lose than her job. Unsure of whom to trust, she attempts to untangle the lies from the truth in her desperate search for Susan.

Alafair Burke's latest novel of suspense If You Were Here is just that. Burke brings a fresh style to her latest mystery, continues her apt writing from alternating perspectives, and keeps the plot twists coming right to the end. Like McKenna, readers won't know who to trust and will race along to uncover truth.

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