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Rock & Roll Reading for the Summer

Summertime is for sun, fun, and music, and with some of rock's biggest names passing through Milwaukee this year, it's a great time to catch up on your favorite stars. Here are some recent rock bios you can take to the beach with you.


It's hard to believe it's been more than 20 years since we lost Freddie Mercury. That soaring, operatic, unmistakable voice has never been matched--most certainly not by any American Idol pretenders who dare try to sing Queen songs. Lesley-Ann Jones' Mercury is a dishy but loving remembrance of one of rock's most dynamic frontmen.

If you're a guitar player, you've no doubt cribbed a lick or two from Jimmy Page. The Led Zeppelin founder's colossal influence on almost everyone who has picked up a guitar since the late '60s is unquestionable. In Light & Shade : Conversations with Jimmy Page, Guitar World magazine Editor-In-Chief Brad Tolinski sits down with the icon in a series of interviews to discuss everything from guitars and gear to his titanic band's legacy.

Pete Townshend is no less a towering guitar god than Page. As the chief songwriter of The Who, Townshend helped expand the horizons of rock music, branching out into film and Broadway with his "rock operas" Tommy and Quadrophenia. In Who I Am, Pete picks up the pen himself and offers a glimpse into his often crazy (but always prolific) life.

Jimmy Fallon may do a fair impersonation, but there is no one like Neil Young. He proves this further in his rambling, digressive memoir Waging Heavy Peace. In his book, Young shifts frequently between his storied past and descriptions of his current projects and interests, wherever his mind and laptop take him in that moment. It rocks like the best of Crazy Horse.

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