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A time traveling serial killer taking directions from a house, is, in a nutshell, The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes. Harper Curtis, a drifter in Depression-era Chicago, is down on his luck and has a bent for violence. In 1931 he kills an old woman and steals her coat for its warmth. Inside one of the pockets he finds an old key to a special house. There's a room in the house that's filled with mementos that seem familiar to him and there are names written on the wall in his handwriting. The house lets him time travel (the room is a portal) and uses him to kill certain special girls--Shining Girls.

Kirby Mazrachi is one of the Shining Girls; Harper first visits her in June 1974 when she is 6 1/2 years old. He gives her an orange plastic pony and tells her, "I'll see you when you're all grown up." In 1987, he delivers on his promise, but she survives the brutal attack. Working as an intern for the Chicago Sun-Times, she has an opportunity to learn more about Harper. Through old newspaper files, she finds out about attacks similar to her own and the weird mementos left by the bodies of those who've died through the decades. She suspects Harper, but because of the timeline (the deaths occur from 1931 through the early 1990s) she has difficulty getting others to believe her. Harper eventually learns that she is still alive and so naturally, they must meet again...

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