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A Duo of Unique Graphic Novels

movingpictures.jpegMoving Pictures is a story about the value we place on things, whether it is pieces of art, relationships, or even people. Set in Vichy France, it follows a Canadian woman named Ila who works in a museum in Paris 'misplacing' pieces of art to prevent the Nazis from stealing them away to Germany. Trapped in this life, she ends up in a relationship with one of the German officials in charge of the art relocation, and things unfold from there. Delicately crafted with words by Kathryn Immonen and gorgeous illustrations by Stuart Immonen, this little book began life as a webcomic by the husband-wife team while they worked on other projects. Definitely worth a look.

eventhegiants.jpegJesse Jacobs' Even the Giants is an odd (yet heartfelt and touching) little book, telling an almost wordless tale about giant arctic creatures, love, and loneliness in pictures of only white, black, and blue. Interspersed with this story are single-page interludes of 'One Million Mouths', often trippy and surrealistic vignettes with the occasional wicked punchline. This is a great little book, experimenting in the sort of stories you can tell in the medium, and is definitely something to check out.

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