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An Echo Through the Snow by Andrea Thalasinos


Dog lovers, and animal lovers in general, will enjoy An Echo Through the Snow. Andrea Thalasinos tells the story of Rosalie, a young woman trying to fit in but having a hard time doing so until one night she takes a risk that transforms her life.

Rescuing a severely malnurished husky from imminent death at the hands of a careless junkyard owner, Rosalie soon finds herself thrust into the life of dog sled racing. Her first ride is "more exhilarating than any amusement park ride." Suddenly, it seems her life has purpose and Rosalie is more content than she's ever been.

This book also explores the dogs' roots back to the Chukchi people who lived in Uelen along the Bering Strait through the fictional person of Jeaantaa, another woman who risked everything, including her own life, to save the Guardians, the dogs sacred to the Chukchi people. Rosalie has a mysterious connection to Jeaantaa, and there is also a connection between Rosalie's dogs and the Guardians.

An Echo Through the Snow primarily takes part in Bayfield, Wisconsin. Thalasinos has an engaging way of drawing you into Rosalie's life, and into the personalities of the dogs. I often found myself smiling at the dogs' behavior. After reading the book, I think you will have, like me, a gnawing desire to witness first hand an actual dog sled race.

Mary S @ Zablocki


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