Building Stories by Chris Ware


Chris Ware's Building Stories earned four Eisner Awards at the 2013 Comic-Con International in San Diego for best writer/artist, new graphic album, publication design and lettering -- more than any other publication in its category.

Ware's 260 page story consists of 14 variously sized, formatted, and bound pieces including traditionally bound books, small and large pamphlets, some folded like an accordion, and loose pages all presented together in a large box that has additional scenes printed on it. Each colorful scene is meticulously composed and worded in a completely relatable fashion. The individual pieces in this set can be read as a complete story, or as standalone short stories, about the daily lives of a few tenants who reside in an imaginary, but eerily realistic, Chicago apartment building living their ordinary everyday life.

Building Stories is only available as a reference item and can only be viewed in person. It cannot be checked out. Currently you can enjoy this beautiful book at the Central and Zablocki libraries.

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