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We recently had an addition to our family - we've adopted a puppy! One of the many great resources we found at the library was The Perfect Puppy: How to Raise a Well-Behaved Dog. Gwen Bailey's book is a great manual for first-time dog owners (and experienced ones, too) both before and after you bring home your new best friend. From tips on how to choose the right dog for you to how to handle problem behaviors to housebreaking and other training, Bailey gives great, realistic advice on how to handle situations with your dog and relate to him in a positive, effective way. It's a great tool to help you start off on the right foot with your puppy, and the abundant photos of puppies round out this adorable guide.


The 4-H Guide to Dog Training & Dog Tricks by Tammie Rogers is another helpful book for dog owners hoping to teach their dogs good manners and behavior. Covering the basics of training and supplies such as leashes and collars, as well as more advanced tricks and commands, this guide is great for both people who want to start at the beginning, and those who want become more involved with dog training competitions. Rogers offers alternative training methods for dogs who may learn tricks differently, and explains some more complex, service dog tricks that readers may not have considered (want to teach your dog to put your laundry in the hamper? It's in here!).

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