Edible Milwaukee - Premiere Issue!

ediblemilwaukee.jpgEver wanted a magazine all about local food, from its production, to its distribution, and especially its consumption? Well it turns out you're not alone. Edible Milwaukee is the latest greatest local publication all about food. Part of a national network of Edible Communities publications (each locally owned and oriented), this magazine has just had its debut issue, and wow is it great! Stuffed full of great stories about local sausage shops, wineries, the history of Milwaukee frozen custard and more, you're bound to find something in the magazine to pique your interest and your appetite. While you can find a copy at a multitude of area businesses, you can also find it at your local neighborhood library, along with all sorts of great materials on cooking, cultivating, and chomping down on your own culinary exploits. So stop in today, check out the magazine, and maybe check out a few books or DVDs to take home with you, too.

Tim @ Central




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