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Family members and murder complicate wedding plans for Joan, the mother of the bride, in Her Brother's Keeper, Sara Hoskinson Frommer's seventh small-town Indiana Joan Spencer mystery.

Joan, the part-time manager of the Oliver Civic Symphony in Oliver, Ind., is busy preparing for her daughter's wedding when her ex-con brother Dave who has not been heard from in years arrives earlier than expected for the big event. Joan has a lot more to worry about after her policeman husband, Fred, rushes to a local B&B in response to a 911 call and finds his mother, Helga, whose mind is failing fast, brandishing a bloody knife in the B&B's kitchen. At Helga's feet lies a dead man. Helga isn't the killer, but she could be the key witness.

Although I figured out the murderer's identity before the end, this book is filled with twists and turns to keep you guessing. A good story for those looking for a light mystery and a quick read.

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