Pound Foolish by Helaine Olen


How should I invest my money? How do I pay off debt? How much money should I be saving? These and other financial questions are ones we all deal with at some point. Not sure what to do? The personal finance industry is here to help! This multibillion dollar business, with its own celebrities, books, seminars and videos, will be more than happy to tell you what you should do with your dough (the first thing being giving it to them.) Journalist Helaine Olen takes a look behind the scenes of this industry in her book Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry. In it, she turns a critical eye on these self-styled gurus of personal finance and exposes their real motives. She is unafraid to take on the biggest names in the field and pick apart what they preach. Before you send off a check to that guy on late-night TV promising you untold riches in real estate, spend a little time with this book.

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