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Baseball is a sport full of numbers, from batting averages to strikeouts, but what about less commonly known calculations and data? For example, how much space would all the baseballs used in one season cover? Or, what is the total cost of stolen bases in a regular season if they were actually stolen? And, how high is Alex Rodriguez's salary if his pay were stacked up as pennies on top of the world?

Well, Craig Robinson explores these quirky facts and many more in his book Flip Flop Fly Ball: An Infographic Baseball Adventure. Chocked full of fun, colorful charts, graphs, and drawings, Robinson takes his unique observations of the sport to a new level by providing readers with less commonly known information about games, teams, players, stadiums, and uniforms.

While standard statistics may be used to summarize the typical nuances of ball games and players, the entertaining enumerations of Flip Flop Fly Ball make for an amusing and engaging read for everyone from the biggest baseball fan to the casual spectator to non-fans alike. You won't catch a reader napping with this book... Check it out today!

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