Le Corbusier Le Grand


Charles-Édouard Jeanneret(1887-1965), or Le Corbusier as he was known after 1920, was a prolific architect, writer, and artist including drawings, watercolors, paintings, photographs, sculptures and furniture. His influences were many as he lived, traveled and studied in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Istanbul, India, Greece and even South America. In Le Corbusier Le Grand you will find photographs from all periods of Le Corbusier's life, sketches from his earliest studies to the plans of his later architectural masterpieces, business and personal correspondence, newspaper articles, pamphlets he wrote and much more. This hefty book is an in-depth look into a visionary's life and his extensive works. If this massive book peeks your interest for more there is currently an exhibit at the MoMA, the Modern Museum of Art, in New York, NY, conceived by guest curator Jean-Louis Cohen - Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Landscapes.

Le Corbusier Le Grand is only available as a reference item and can only be viewed in person. It cannot be checked out. You are most welcome to enjoy this beautiful book at the Central Library in the Art, Music and Recreation department.

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