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loveminus80.jpegAfter a devastating break-up, broadcast publicly for hundreds to view online, Rob does what so many would do - he goes and has a few drinks to drown his sorrows. Then, in perhaps not the clearest of mind, he drives home and things go from bad to worse as he hits a jogger with his vehicle, killing her nearly instantly.

But in this not-so-far-off future, there is a glimmer of hope (or at least something more sinister, masquerading as hope). The woman, Winter, is placed in a cryogenic freezer and put in a "dating center" where women literally await a second chance at life if a multimillionaire agrees to marry them and pay the extremely high cost of their medical resurrections. Driven by his grief to pay the exorbitant price to go on a five-minute 'date' with Winter in order to apologize, Rob finds himself dedicating his life to scraping together the money to continue to awaken Winter for these brief periods where she gets to be alive again (even if he could never possibly hope to afford her more permanent resuscitation).

This is the start of Will McIntosh's Love Minus Eighty, a story that may be predicated on fantastical technology but resonates with very real and very true human emotion. Exploring love in a digital, always-connected yet-always-disconnecting age, McIntosh also deftly weaves in the politics of power in relationships romantic, familial, and friendly, as well as strong themes about the roles society forces upon women. This book is highly recommended to anyone who likes their sci-fi with a strong heart and a keen observing eye. Check it out from your local library today, or maybe one of McIntosh's earlier works!

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