Steve McCurry: The Iconic Photographs

"I have wondered which is the most remarkable photograph I have seen in 30 years of National Geographic. Now I know: that of the Afghan refugee on the front cover of the June 1985 issue--magic."

--National Geographic letter to the editor, October 1985.


It is fitting that the last roll of Kodachrome film was given to Steve McCurry. The Magnum photographer is best known for his photo of the "Afghan Girl" that has become a National Geographic icon. The Iconic Photographs is a large coffee table book loaded with his striking photos that capture the stunning colors of South Asia, its people, life and landscapes. His magical eye for striking compositions led to the "Taj and Train" and "A Tailor in a Monsoon" to join the "Afghan Girl" on three memorable National Geographic covers in one year. A few of the photos are two-page spreads almost as large as photos exhibited at art museums. The only drawbacks to this book are the captions are in the back and its size. If it was a little smaller, I'd buy it.

Van Lingle Mungo @ Central




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