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The Forest of Hands and Teeth Trilogy by Carrie Ryan brings to life a world set decades after a catastrophic zombie infestation has left survivors throughout the world isolated and struggling to survive. The last remnants of civilization collapse as huge zombie hordes threaten to overrun the last remaining cities and outposts.


Forest of Hands and Teeth
Teenager Mary struggles against the constraints of her village. The Sisterhood has always protected her people since the Return. The Sisterhood claims that the village is all that remains, but Mary can't help but wonder if there is a world beyond her village. When the fences that protect her village from the Unconsecrated are breached, Mary is forced to seek her answers in the Forest of Hands and Teeth.


The Dead Tossed Waves
Gabry enjoys her uneventful life in a seaside town until a teenage prank spirals out of control. In the course of one night, Gabry finds her quiet life irrevocably gone, her friends dead and her mother missing. Gabry must flee into the forest she has feared her whole life to escape.


The Dark and Hollow Places
Annah and her brother, Elias have always found a way to survive together in the Dark City until the day Elias leaves for the recruiters and Annah is left behind. Annah, a tough and daring protagonist, manages to survive from day to day but desires more from life than just getting by.

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