Rookie Yearbook One edited by Tavi Gevinson


Jam packed with info, music, fashion, advice, and fun, Rookie Yearbook One is a compilation of an entire (school) year of articles from the online magazine Rookie, the magazine is broken up into quirky topics like "eye candy" and "dear diary". Yearbook One, however, chronicles the articles from each month, September 2011 through May 2012. Why the change in format? Founder and editor, Tavi Gevinson, explains to her readers, "This is the stuff that needed to be in pages adorned with doodles and glitter; that is revisited in times of angst and crisis, and that couldn't just be stared at on a screen for such an occasion."

Where to begin: Is it a book? Is it a magazine? Is it a piece of art? Yearbook embraces its identity as a magazine, and then goes above and beyond. Paging through Yearbook One is like paging through someone's diary; doodles, playlists, photos, and love notes included! Each article is unique, with art including photos, handwritten notes, collages, or sketches. Not only is Yearbook a literal piece of art, but the content is smart, current, and direct. Articles like "How to Approach the Person You Like Without Throwing Up" and "Thrifting: The Master Class" give advice in a fun yet genuine way. Celebrity contributors include Lena Dunham, Sarah Silverman, and Zooey Deschanel, to name a few. Read it article by article or all at once; this "yearbook" is sure to brighten your day. P.S. Stickers and paper crown included!

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