I Wear the Black Hat: Grappling with Villians (Real and Imagined) by Chuck Klosterman


Who do you picture when you think of a villain? Snidely Whiplash? Darth Vader? Hitler? Do you have a personal villain? (For me, my villain isn't a person, but a baseball team--the St. Louis Cardinals. May they burn...) In I Wear the Black Hat: Grappling With Villains (Real and Imagined), pop culture and sports critic Chuck Klosterman (Fargo Rock City) investigates the idea of the villain in our culture and the influence villains have on our thinking and attitudes. He also discusses why some cultural figures become villains, perhaps undeservedly so, while others just as undeservedly become folk heroes or legends. Of course, the examples he chooses come out of his vast pop culture knowledge base. He cites sports figures like O. J. Simpson and Muhammad Ali, musical groups like the Eagles, and N.W.A., and other more obscure figures you may have forgotten, like Bernhard Goetz and D. B. Cooper. Klosterman's always highly-anticipated books make for engrossing reading, and you'll find yourself finishing this book almost as soon as you open it.

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