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Yovanoff's atmospheric novel, The Space Between, is about Daphne's quest to find her brother Obie who travels routinely between Hell and Earth, to save lost souls. Hell is the natural habitat of Daphne and Obie, who are half demon - half angel children of Lillith and Lucifer. Other mythic personalities from Apocryphal literature such as Azrael, Moloch and Beelzebub are also characters in this story, which is set in a timeless city of Pandemonium, and present day Cicero, Illinois. While Daphne is on earth she finds Obie's odd, endearing half human daughter, Ramie, in a cardboard box in a closet. She then falls in love with a sad, suicidal human boy, named Truman. Fans of the movie Constantine will find this strangely beautiful, well written novel most engaging.

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