The Property by Rutu Modan

property.jpegRutu Modan's first full-length graphic novel, Exit Wounds, won an Eisner Award back in 2008 for its nuanced story of a Tel Aviv cab driver seeking clues into the disappearance and possible death of his father. Her second long-form graphic novel effort, The Property, is another deeply personal story, this time about an old Jewish woman returning to Poland, her granddaughter in tow, to reclaim property lost during World War II. What unfolds is a story of a woman forced to confront and remember painful parts of her past, as her granddaughter discovers that they have come for far more than just the reclamation of property.

As all great graphic novels, The Property is told not merely through the dialogue but also through the excellent illustration. Modan's style evokes comparison to Herge's Tintin, cartoon forms of lines and solid colors that portray nuanced and evocative body language in each panel. The fact that Modan hired actors to play out each panel for her as a reference model is an interesting bit of trivia, but the results are superb. This is the sort of graphic novel that is easily accessible to all, wonderfully human through and through.

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