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A Few Words...

A Few Words...


Good News, Bad News by Jeff Mack

Two friends, a bunny and a rat, set off to have a picnic. Unfortunately, the weather is not on their side. Using pictures, Jeff Mack tells the story of ups and downs the two friends encounter. Although the book only uses two phrases, "Good news" and "Bad news", it can be a great tool to teach prediction and inference skills to young listeners and readers.


Thumpy Feet written and illustrated by Betsy Lewin

An energetic cat fills the pages of Thumpy Feet. Simple words describe the cat as it eat, plays, and takes a snooze. This book is great for young readers to act out the movements and sounds of the story. Besides, who doesn't love a mischievous cat?


Ah ha! by Jeff Mack

"Aahh!, sighs the happy and relaxed frog. "Ah Ha!" screams the excited little boy as he catches the frog. This book uses simple words to depict a wide range of feelings. When read with expression, children will love the silliness of the frog and his journey. In this book, Mack showcases his ability to reach child through humor, pictures, and a few precise words.


Stick! written and illustrated by Andy Pritchett

Dogs love to play fetch, especially the dog in Stick! Finding a partner to play with proves to be a difficult task. The persistent puppy in this story finally finds someone to play with, and even makes a few friends along the way! Brightly colored pages, simple drawings, and only a few words make this a great story for beginning listeners and readers.

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