Hawkeye by Matt Fraction

hawkeye1.jpegDid you watch the 2012 Summer Blockbuster The Avengers and wonder why exactly there was a dude whose powers were 'has bow and arrow'? Poor Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye, isn't exactly the most super of superheroes. That's exactly the angle that Matt Fraction takes on the current series of Hawkeye. The first 11 Issues of the series are collected in two trade paperbacks available at the library: My Life as a Weapon and Little Hits. These detail the 'off hours', when Clint's not off saving the world with the Avengers, and instead is dealing with some more down-to-earth problems like his divorce, flooding, stray dogs and shady business men.

hawkeye2.jpegThe highlight of the series is the emphasis Hawkeye's vulnerability: both in terms of being a hero, and just a human being. He's the 'normal guy' of the Avengers, the one without the big fancy powers to keep him and those he cares about safe. He only has himself, his wits, and as we see throughout the series, his friends. Fraction also takes some interesting and wildly creative turns in narrative, as well. Issue 11, found in 'Little Hits', is told entirely from the perspective of a dog. Hawkeye also has won two big awards - the 2013 Eisner and Harvey awards for best cover artist. So for fans of The Avengers, or just fans of comics that go off the beaten path of generic do-gooding by super powered do-gooders, Hawkeye is a refreshing and rip-roaring read.

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