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If I Ever Get Out of Here by Eric Gansworth


Lewis Blake is off to junior high, and like most kids his age, he just wants to fit in. But, while Lewis is smart and outgoing, he is also Native American and poor which makes him an outsider in a class full of non-Native, white students. That is, until he meets George Haddonfield, a new classmate who lives on the nearby Air Force base. Lewis and George bond over the music of Queen, the Wings, and the Beatles, but is that all they have in common? Set in 1975 on the Tuscarora Indian Reservation in upstate New York, Eric Gansworth's debut young adult novel, If I Ever Get Out of Here, chronicles Lewis' struggle to navigate both the familiar customs of reservation life and the typical nuances of a teenager experiencing the "outer" world. As Lewis and George's friendship develops, Lewis feels he must hide his true self behind a series of lies, but what happens when George discovers the truth? Can they still be friends?

If I Ever Get Out of Here is a touching tale that highlights the power of friendship, the importance of cultural exchange, and the magic of rock and roll while touching on darker yet realistic themes like racism, bullying, and the shame associated with poverty. Similar to Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, If I Ever Get Out of Here is an engaging read for teens to explore identity and diverse cultures as well as for adults looking to relive the 70s; check it out today!

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