Lessons from the Heartland by Barbara Miner


Read the local news or turn on talk radio and you will hear the continuous refrain: the public schools in Milwaukee are failing. Problems with discipline will be brought up, teachers will be harangued, and poor test scores will be cited. How did we get to this point?

In Lessons from the Heartland, journalist Barbara Miner takes us through the history of MPS in the last half century to help us understand better what has happened. Miner looks at the Milwaukee Public Schools' problems in the context of the growth (and later, shrinking) of a major American city and the cultural, social, and economic phenomena influencing the district's actions and policies. She talks about issues such as integration, demographic changes, politics, and in particular, the rise of school choice, a policy that has had a dramatic effect on the funding of MPS. While her point of view is distinctly from the left side of the political spectrum, any reader will find much to learn from and reflect on in her analysis.

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