Boleto by Alyson Hagy


Alyson Hagy's Boleto follows twenty-three year old horse trainer Will Testerman as he purchases a young blood-red filly in the hopes of making something of not only her but himself as well. Unlike the men of his family who fell into a tiresome routine on their family ranch, Will desires to blaze his own path. He builds a relationship with his horse, training her patiently and telling her stories about his past and the ghosts that haunt him. While his horse is left unnamed, Will often refers to her as "Tick" or "Ticket" (which translates to "Boleto" in Spanish). With his fate intertwined with his horse, will "Tick" be the means to get Will where he ultimately needs to be?

Throughout the novel, Hagy provides readers with a sense of place through beautiful descriptions of the landscapes and atmospheres of the American West from the dude ranches of Wyoming to the hustle and bustle of polo fields in Anaheim, California. With sparse, clean writing, the elegant prose paints dynamic characters, quiet emotions, and subtle tensions for readers to mentally kick around. Boleto is more than just an old hat tale of cowboys and horses, it's a heart-warming story of a stirring journey that will resonate deeply with both male and female readers alike; check it out today!

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