Driven by Donald Driver


I might sound a little biased here; I have loved reading about Donald Driver since he was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in April of 1999. He disclosed little about his upbringing in the Packer Plus magazine with his weekly training camp journal entries, and since that point I've wanted to know more about him.

The odds of him being where he is now were very slim considering how poor he was. It was to the point where he sold drugs and stole cars to support himself and his family, who often lived in and out of homes, even becoming homeless at one point and living in a U-Haul trailer. On one occasion, he thinks that he wouldn't even have been drafted if one of his two college roommates didn't take the wrap for him when they were caught with drugs in their dorm room. He also stated that his wife Tina suggested he had potential to do much more with his life. At Alcorn State University where he attended college, he was also a track star and could have qualified for the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Once he was drafted by the Packers, he was one of twelve players at his position--again, the odds were against him since was drafted in the seventh round (213th pick overall), where not many players are well known. After he made the team, he worked his way into the starting lineup. His best year was in 2006 where he caught 92 balls for just under 1,300 yards and eight touchdowns. Driver finished his fourteen year career as the Packers' all time leading receiver with 743 catches, 10,137 yards and 61 touchdowns.

I highly recommend reading Driven: From Homeless to Hero, My Journeys On and Off Lambeau Field to anyone, and they do not have to love and watch football. It shows that you can make it even when you do not have much. If you commit any wrong in life, there is someone or something that can enable you to get out of those situations. In addition, it can enable anyone to appreciate the little things they receive in life (as Driver did with the very first contract he signed, where his signing bonus was more than his parents' yearly salary). Donald Driver is truly a professional who was class personified on the football field, as well as off the field with his work for Goodwill and the foundation in his name that helps those in need in his hometown Houston area and Green Bay.

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