March 1 by John Lewis


In March Book 1, Congressman John Lewis gives a first-hand account his early days as one of the key figures of the Civil Rights Movement. Congressman Lewis is the only living speaker from the March on Washington and one of the original thirteen Freedom Riders. This story chronicles his days as a sharecropper's son learning about race in the Deep South to becoming one of the leaders of the Nashville Student Movement which successfully ended the segregation of lunch counters in downtown Nashville.

Award-winning illustrator, Nate Powell's stark drawings bring to life the violence and humiliation Congressman Lewis and his fellow activists experienced during their non-violent struggle. Congressman Lewis has previously published Across That Bridge (with Brenda Jones) and Walking With the Wind (with Michael D'Orso) but the graphic novel format creates a different experience of seeing the violence Lewis endured rather than simply reading about it. This is a great book that introduces Congressman Lewis's story to a new generation.

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