Murder in The Kingdom: Saudi Mysteries by Zoe Ferraris


Author Zoe Ferraris knows Saudi Arabia. She lived in the Kingdom of Saud with her conservative Saudi-Palestinian in-laws and used her experiences to bring to life Katya Hijazi, a crime scene technician with a desire to become a detective; a rare thing in the male dominated society of Saudi Arabia. Katya struggles to balance what is deemed appropriate for an unmarried woman and her capabilities as an investigator.

Finding Nouf sees Katya and desert guide Nayir unravel the mystery of the death of a wealthy Saudi's teenage daughter. While investigating the murders of a controversial filmmaker and American security contractor, Katya comes dangerously close to the limit of permissible behavior in City of Veils. What is Katya willing to risk to solve her case? In Ferraris' most recent Saudi mystery, Kingdom of Strangers, the city of Jeddah reels from the discovery of seventeen murdered women. Katya, Nayir, and liberal minded Detective Zahrani must delve into the hidden lives of Saudi Arabia's many immigrant workers to find the twisted mind behind the killings.

To learn more about Saudi history and culture, try reading Karen Elliott House's On Saudi Arabia : Its People, Past, Religion, Fault Lines-- and Future.

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