Prepare for the Holidays with These Boozy Books

Here in Milwaukee we have a fine tradition of brewing. With that comes the equally fine tradition of imbibing, and with the holiday season upon us what better time to brush up on your beers, wet your whistle for wine, and craft a few new cocktails? Here's a bevy of boozy books so that you can fortify yourself for that too-long office party, the oncoming horde of hyperactive nieces and nephews, or spice up your special all-alone Christmas dinner of canned ravioli cooked over the hotplate you keep in your garage.


The Complete Beer Course by Joshua Bernstein features twelve easy lessons on how to taste, smell, and evaluate beer like an expert, so you'll finally tell your pale ales from your bitters.


The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook isn't about making your own beer using Tim Hortons leftovers, maple syrup, and hockey memorabilia, but instead a fabulous cookbook about utilizing craft beer in a variety of recipes.


Inventing Wine details wine's 8,000 years of fabulous fermented history in one compelling chronicle. From religious use in ancient times to Prohibition and beyond, there's definitely a lot to learn about the adult version of grape juice.


Pickles, Pigs, and Whiskey: Recipes from my Three Favorite Food Groups (and Then Some) says it all right in the title, really. What more could you want?


Apothecary Cocktails takes recipes from the past, crafted around their 'restorative' properties, and update them for today's drinker. So when you mix one of these up and get a disdainful stare from your relatives, just tell them it's medicinal!


For those looking to take a trip, The Tipsy Texan will tell you all about the taverns in Texas in which to get tipsy. An excellent drinking guide for anyone visiting the Lone Star state.


Finally, for those unable to go on a fancy holiday elsewhere, why not take a Liquid Vacation? 77 tropical cocktails straight from Vegas, by way of Frank's Tiki Room. Bottoms up!

We here at the Milwaukee Public Library just remind you to drink responsibly, and while we might have all the books on the subject, definitely don't drink inside any of our library locations!

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