The Butterfly Sister by Amy Gail Hansen


The Butterfly Sister is a perfect match for lovers of women's literature and mystery readers. The novel alternates between the present day and the previous year, when college senior, Ruby Rousseau, was entangled in an affair with her married professor. Flashbacks take the reader through the first flickers of attraction, a secretive trip to New Orleans, and the emotionally-charged end of the affair.

In the present day, Ruby Rousseau is still dealing with the repercussions of dropping out of college when she learns a former classmate, Beth, has gone missing. Among Beth's things is a copy of the book, A Room of One's Own, by Virginia Woolf, the very same book Ruby was researching for her senior thesis. As Ruby relives the painful aftermath of the affair and her final days at school, she realizes there are other coincidences linking her to Beth and she is drawn back to campus.

Ruby's return to Tarble, a fictional, southeastern Wisconsin women's college, proves both traumatic and cathartic. After such an embarrassing and public exit, Ruby finds it difficult to explain her reappearance her connection to Beth. Despite the challenges Ruby faces to find her friend and heal her own heart, she is a smart and resilient heroine.

Readers will appreciate the literary allusions, the psychological drama, and Ruby's emotional growth. The descriptive writing complements the gothic tale and readers will enjoy immersive scenes on the foggy lakeside campus and in the French Quarter under the hazy light of gas lamps.

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