The Circle by Dave Eggers


Mae Holland got her dream job. A college connection rescued her from a life of obscurity to work for the Circle, the innovative company at the center of the tech world. Taking all of the advances made by Facebook, Google, and Twitter one step further, the Circle's goal as a company is to promote complete unity of information exchange and social interaction. Mae's small role in the company rapidly increases as she agrees to allow her life and those around her to become more and more transparent. Soon she is broadcasting every waking moment of her life to thousands of online followers, wreaking a havoc she is incapable of stopping and can barely comprehend.

Dave Eggers' latest book, The Circle, is a new take on the dystopian novel, imagining how our twin obsessions with social media and notoriety might be used against us to achieve a kind of tech-totalitarianism. It also explores the implications of some our own desires and fears. Is it possible for us to know or at least access all information at any time? Should we want to? Is the privacy we sacrifice to receive a perceived greater safety worth it? The conversations this book will inspire are important for us to have as we continue to digitize our identities and lives.

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