2013: Our Favorites

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The Heavy: A Mother, a Daughter, a Diet by Dara-Lynn Weiss

This controversial memoir chronicles the author's efforts to help her 7-year-old daughter overcome childhood obesity and the criticism she received both for enabling her child's condition and enforcing the limits necessary to deal with it.

The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance by David Epstein

Sports Illustrated senior writer David Epstein explores the nature versus nurture debate concerning top athletes, and whether their skills are innate or due to force of will and obsessive training. He dispels perceptions about why athletes succeed and does not shy away from controversial questions.


One Big Happy Family: Heartwarming Stories of Animals Caring for One Another by Lisa Rogak

A collection of stories and photographs of animals of one species parenting babies entirely different from themselves...a cat and her ducklings, a goat and her wolf pup, a Chihuahua and his baby Marmoset. Need I say more?

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