Great Art Books of 2013

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I Just Like to Make Things: Learn the Secrets to Making Money While Staying Passionate About your Art and Craft by Lilla Rogers

Inspirational and practical tips from an art veteran. Offers guidance and advice for creative professionals on how to transform a creative hobby into a lucrative business, and includes information on leveraging various working styles, promoting one's art, and networking with industry art directors.

Banksy: You Are an Acceptable Level of Threat and If You Were Not You Would Know About It compiled and edited by Gary Shove; words by Patrick Potter

A compelling look at the political satire of this well known British street artist including photographs never previously published.

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iPad for Artists by Dani Jones

How great is it that a book can help you understand how to make art on your iPad or tablet?!

Handbuilt Pottery Techniques Revealed: The Secrets of Handbuilding Shown in Unique Cutaway Photography by Jacqui Atkin

Handbuilt Pottery Techniques Revealed focuses on projects that produce good-looking and useful finished objects but don't require use of a potter's wheel. Revised and expanded version of a classic how-to manual.

The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti by Rafael Schacter; foreward by John Fekner

Wonderful photographs reveal an amazing amount of skill and creativity throughout the globe, from New York and San Francisco to Madrid and Sydney.

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Harlem Nocturne: Women Artists & Progressive Politics During World War II by Farah Jasmine Griffin

A well told story of three African-American women who paved the way for the Civil Rights movement.

Vanity Fair, 100 Years: From the Jazz Age to Our Age edited by Graydon Carter; essays by Anne Fine Collins, David Friend, Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger, Annie Leibovitz, and Jim Windolf

A tumultuous century in America is documented by presenting how the magazine displayed American culture in the many decades of its operation, including the Jazz Age, the Depression, the Reagan Years, and the Information Age.

Art & Place: Site-Specific Art of the Americas edited by Renshaw, Amanda; art by Robert Smithson, Anish Kapoor, John Singer Sargent and Diego Rivera

Presents works of site-specific art from the Americas, from prehistoric pictographs and baroque church interiors to contemporary earthworks and sculptures, arranged by location, from Canada to Argentina. Fun to browse through and useful for planning road trips!

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