More of our 2013 Favorites

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Viking: The Norse Warrior's (Unofficial) Manual by John Haywood

For all armchair "warriors", this book humorously explains everything one needs to know about being a successful tenth-century Viking.

The Spy Who Loved: The Secrets and Lives of Christine Granville by Clare Mulley

Not much has been written about the first British female spy of World War II and her extraordinary life, but this work covers everything from her Polish heritage, her dangerous yet successful missions, and her death at the hands of an obsessed suitor.

A History of Britain in Thirty-Six Postage Stamps by Chris West

A fresh, quirky, and unique take on Britain's history from 1840 to the present as depicted on these miniature works of art.

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The Mystery of the Hanging Garden of Babylon: An Elusive World Wonder Traced by Stephanie Dalley

Scholar Stephanie Dalley, an expert on ancient Mesopotamia, presents an entirely new theory on the exact location and creation of one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Marie Antoinette's Head: The Royal Hairdresser, the Queen, and the Revolution by Will Bashor

Author Bashor presents a new point of view on the life and downfall of Marie Antoinette through the eyes of the man who became her confidante while creating her infamous and enviable coiffure.

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