Scowler by Daniel Kraus


Ry Burke was a hero when he was 10 years old. He was told to leave his mother alone that awful day but he knew something wasn't right. He rescued his mother from a horrific stunt his abusive father did to her. Their lives became normal for almost 10 years but the family was always nervous Marvin Burke would return to their family farm.

Years later when Ry was 19, his worst nightmare returns. After a meteor crashes into the nearby prison, his father escapes and expectantly returns to their home. Strangely, another meteor also lands on their land and when Marvin Burke arrives home to stop his family from leaving, he also decides he wants to claim the meteor for his own and sell it. With the help of his childhood imaginary protectors, Mr. Furrington, wise Jesus, and the bloodthirsty Scowler, Ry may be able to defeat his horrifying father.

Will this family survive the horror that Marvin Burke is causing them? Will the chaos caused by the meteor finally free the Burke's from the fear they have been living with all these years? The tension and gruesome details make Scowler a fast-paced read that grips you until the end. This is just one of the exciting Young Adult titles on the 2014 Milwaukee County Teen Book Award (MCTBA) list. Please check out the blog and follow us on Twitter @MCTBAward.

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