The Time Machine by H G Wells


It's difficult to pick my favorite H.G. Wells story. The Invisible Man? The War of the Worlds? Or maybe The Island of Dr. Moreau! These are all sci-fi stalwarts for sure, but after re-reading The Time Machine, I guess it's my favorite hands down. The Time Machine packs a lot of science fiction wallop for being published in 1895. From freaky crab-monsters inhabiting the beaches of Earth's future to sinister Morlocks dining on what's left of the Human Race, The Time Machine accomplishes much more than creating a timeless science fiction story---it outlines English class struggles and the evils of Victorian life through futuristic parables.

A sci-fi classic in every right, The Time Machine does much more than bend time--it bends the fabric of humanity and opens possibilities into the unfathomable decline of Mother Earth.

Dan @ Washington Park




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