Two Rhodes Along the Same Path

dusty.jpegFollowing in the footsteps of your father can be tricky. While they've already walked the path you're on, sometimes they can cast a large shadow that will be impossible to step out from underneath. In a business like professional wrestling, that's almost doubly true. Dusty Rhodes, the American Dream, is a living legend these days, a man who has done it all in the wrestling business. He was the common man, the son of a plumber who brought the house down every night when he hit his bionic elbow. His own autobiography, Dusty: Reflections of Wrestling's American Dream is definitely a fun read, if not entirely informative. Dusty's book reads less like a formal biography, and more like the man is sharing a crazy yarn with you over a beer in some dive bar after a show. Don't look for hard-hitting journalism or dark secrets of the pro wrestling world here, but instead a fun read from a man that did it all.

crossrhodes.jpegThen there's Dusty's eldest son, Dustin (better known as his wrestling alter-ego Goldust). His autobiography Cross Rhodes takes a very different tone, less of a tall tale from a wrestling legend, and more the confessions of a man whose own road took some dark twists and turns. Troubles with his father, alcohol, his first marriage, pain medication, and hard drugs, Dustin doesn't shy away from any of his problems in this book. Interspersed, you also get an excellent glimpse into the rise of one of the more talented, yet controversial figures in the WWF (now WWE). The book feels like a confessional at times, a man repenting his former behavior and the terrible things that befell him. While not a book I'd recommend to a non-wrestling fan, the book is very interesting and is quite insightful to the mindset of a man you'll never forget the name of.

There's no book yet for Dusty's other son, Cody Rhodes. Though as he has been tearing it up on TV lately teaming with his brother Dustin as the current WWE Tag Team Champions, it's only a matter of time before he tells his tale as well. So until then, check out either book from your local library branch!

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