Treasures of the Rare Books Room: Hundertwasser


Friedrich Stowasser, later to be known as Hundertwasser, was born in Vienna in 1928 and began drawing at the age of 6. He travelled extensively and exhibited his art - drawings, paintings and prints - worldwide. Hundertwasser was a true Renaissance man. He wrote, lectured, taught, invented, fought for the environment, climbed mountains, sailed, flew hot air balloons and the list goes on. His curiosity and daring almost had no end.

Hundertwasser used bright and rich colors, squares and circles, swirls and unusual perspectives to create a sense of constant movement in his art, much like his overflowing exciting life. Influenced by Paul Klee's childlike figures, Egon Schiele's loose brush strokes and Gustav Klimt's squares and use of gold, Hundertwasser painted a wide range of subjects - people, architecture, boats, cars, nature and landscapes as well as many abstract pieces which portray motion, emotion and place. The Milwaukee Public Library is proud to own copy 141 from a limited edition of 550 printed in 1974; the item was donated by the George Des Forges Fund.

To view this item, please call the Central Library Art, Music and Recreation Department at 414-286-3071 and arrange a visit.

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