The Total Outdoorsman Manual by T. Edward Nickens and the editors of Field & Stream


The Total Outdoorsman Manual by T. Edward Nickens and the editors of Field & Stream has some kind of information for everyone; if you go outside then you could use this book.

outdoorsman01.jpg The first portion of this book covers many aspects regarding roughing it in the outdoors. This is information that could be used by people camping, fishing, hunting and surviving. Illustrations show what to wear and eat, how to pitch a tent and chop wood, and much much more.

outdoorsman1.jpg The second portion of this book covers information about fishing. It illustrates the different locations and techniques a person can use to fish. It instructs readers on what rods and nets to use and why. After you catch your fish it shows you the wide variety of ways to prepare it.

outdoorsman2.jpg The third portion of this book really gets into all things about hunting. It's a large portion, because it covers such a wide topic. It illustrates multiple ways to hunt - standing, kneeling, and in a tree. It shows different kinds of weapons that could be used to hunt - bow and arrows, guns, knives and dogs. It discusses different kinds of animals to hunt - deer, bears, and birds. Lastly it covers how to prepare animals for consumption.

outdoorsman3.jpg The remainder of this book is useful for all of us, though more so for people camping, fishing, and hunting. It covers what to do in the worst of situations - bear attacks, snake bites, lack of water, loss of supplies, and more.

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