Winger by Andrew Smith


Junior year at Pine Mountain Academy (PM) is going to be rough for fourteen-year-old Ryan Dean West. With a name like Ryan Dean, things don't come easy. Luckily, most of his rugby teammates called him Winger after his rugby position or Eleven after his jersey number. After Winger steals a teacher's cell phone to make long distance calls to his crush and friend Annie, he is forced to move into Opportunity Hall, aka O-Hall, with the other campus criminals. The most intimidating delinquent is Chas Becker, Winger's new roommate. Will he be able to keep his friends from last year? Can he resolve his roommate problems? Winger's ups and downs are honest, humorous and even illustrated with some doodles. You won't want to miss Winger's story! Check the catalog here for availability.

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