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How much ink is too much?

Science Ink: Tattoos of the Science Obsessed by Carl Zimmer is a fascinating book. We've become used to seeing flowers, animals and famous quotations as tattoos, but what about the periodic table, complex mathematical equations, strings of DNA, advanced physics, and rare archeological finds? They're all displayed in this book along with interesting interviews from the tattoo recipients.

Tattoo-pedia: Choose From Over 1,000 of the Hottest Tattoo Designs for Your New Ink! This is a clean highly illustrated tattoo encyclopedia. You'll find many traditional designs as well as some with a twist for those who are more adventurous.

The Mammoth Book of Tattoo Art is a small book, despite it's title, but packed with some of the most beautiful tattoos ever seen. Every style and subject matter is covered here done by more than 60 of the most talented tattoo artists of our time.

tattoo world.jpg
I find Tattoo World even more amazing than The Mammoth Book of Tattoo Art. This book also displays tattoos created by extraordinary tattoo artists, but the actual pages are larger so the images can be seen better. Multiple pictures from different angles are taken of the same tattoo so you can see how the image wraps around an arm or leg. Historical information about tattoos is included as well as short interviews from the artists.

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